T-shirt screen printing that’s easy and fun

We have the experience and understanding to facilitate and control any job you may need. Keeping a firm awareness on quality assures your products are always in good hands.

Our service process

Step 1:Receiving and assignment

From the moment we are notified of a job, we immediately begin our printing process. We first assign an associate to check what you have in mind. From there, we recommend a printing process that will work best for the results you are going for. once the given process is agreed upon and understood by everyone, we create a digital proof and estimate your job.

Step 2:proofing and estimating

Sometimes what is discussed does not always translate to what is needed. Digital representations of every part of the job will be communicated so that every detail is pointed out and is open for discussion. After the Digital proof is confirmed, we can determine the cost of your order. We try to have every estimate completed within 24 hours. Monday-Friday

Step 3:Sample production

Once we are all up to speed on the setup and organization of the project, we can get started with the samples.  Creating a production sample and sending you a picture assures printing is acceptable for full production. At this point, you can physically see a printed piece. We always welcome changes, critiques, and criticism!